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By far the biggest scam artist I've ever encountered.I bought a Mini Cooper and it died on i4!

When I told them this the manager (who has changed his name multiple times, been arrested and has 3 felonies for fraud) he talked to me like I was crazy for wanting my money back. He cussed me out and flicked me off. I'm suing him and even tried settling this outside of court. He left me no choice.

So unprofessional and the rudest people around. And when they went to get the car from my house, it broke down on them and they still say this is a good car. It's almost funny how dishonest and delusional and morally corrupt these scum bags are. Don't buy a car from them.

Check out their mug shots and criminal records.:)

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i was wondering if you got anything resolved with luxury cars and finanical? did you have to sue them or did they finally make things right? would love to know the name of your lawyer if you did have to sue, someone that is familar with the way this dealership does business would definately help other consumers that are having the same issues!!!


to Anonymous #892851

they are blaming it all on me, so no, they didn't resolve it.I'm suing them.

my dad investigates fraud so I don't need a lawyer. At mediation they sent Kenan Mousley (the finance guy with multiple mug shots) that didn't resolve anything because he actually had the audacity to still continue to blame me and say "we stand behind our cars" and forged my signature on a document that says "as is, no warranty" I would NEVER get a car without a warranty. My fiance is a witness when Kenan said it had a warranty and gap insurance. He has been arrested for forgery, which leads me to believe he did in fact forge my signature.

Bottom line, these guys can't be trusted.

They make their livings off screwing people over, and ruining lives.My fiance told Kenan this at mediation and he just shrugged his shoulders like he knows and doesn't care.

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