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Abdul "Jack" Rifai is a *** man who owned Century Motors until 2009.When I was forced to file a lawsuit against him, he closed up shop and robbed me, other customers and even his former business partner.

He then cleverly re-opened at the same location under the name of Luxury Cars and Financial. The owner listed on official Florida state records is non other than his nephew Tammam Sanoufi! Both of those crooks have now been arrested by the State of Florida for stealing over $100,000.00 of sales tax revenue.

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE CROOKS!Check out their mugshots from their Sales Tax theft arrest here!

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Casselberry, Florida, United States #923962

I can't believe that these guys get away with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales tax.Unbelievable.

You come to this country to get away from brutal regimes and we take you in with open arms. How do you repay our great country? By stealing sales tax while we ordinary people pay the bill and our taxes increase because of people like you.

This is absolutely disgusting.I hope that Central Floridians avoid buying a car from these people.

Orlando, Florida, United States #914559

I just saw a story on TV about Luxury Cars and Financial in Winter Park.It's owned and/or operated by Abdul "Jack" Rifai, Tammam Sannoufi and Rami Rifai, all 3 from Syria.

According to the story on TV, these guys take deposits of anywhere between $2,000-$6,000 from customers under the guise of having to get the loan approved. Then later, they refuse to return the deposit to the client.

They have apparently gotten away with it until recently when the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles got involved.Why are these guys still in business?

to Barly #1099765

This just happened to me and my boyfriend from them they took $3000 deposit getting a lawyer they lied said we were approved for a loan and we wasn't they never told us

Casselberry, Florida, United States #912587

Luxury Cars and Financial is Century Motors Financial in disguise.Abdul Rifai simply closed one corporation down and opened another using his brother Rami Rifai and his nephew Tammam Sannoufi as corporate officers.

As a matter of fact, the phone number for Luxury Cars and Financial is the same number once used by Century Motors and Financial.

I heard about the sales tax arrest.A friend of mine used to work there and says Rifai is not a guy you would want to buy a car from.

Edgewater, Florida, United States #898086

Yes, Luxury Cars and Financial, formerly Century Motors and Financial is operated by 3 Syrians, brothers Rami Rifai and Abdul Rifai, along with their nephew Tammam Sannoufi.These guys were all recently arrested for stealing the sales tax that they were collecting from their customers.

On a $25,000 car that amounts to almost $1,800! Most independent auto dealers sell about 25-30 cars per month. Using the 30 car figure would put the sales tax collected at about $54,000 per month. Wow!

These guys apparently don't like to pay any taxes. They have also had issues with selling worthless automobile extended warranties. They were accused of selling the warranty to the customer, but never paying the warranty company leaving the customer holding the bag.

I would urge any person considering buying a used car to do their homework.Sometimes saving a few hundred dollars is not worth the future aggravation.


Yep, Abdul Rifai is a crook and a liar.He changed his company's name to Luxury Automotive in Winter Park, FL.

Those guys sell cars with frame damage and other hidden defects.I would steer clear of these jokers.

Winter Park, Florida, United States #802644

OMG!I know this guy.

He was also arrested for solicitation of prostitution many years ago. A friend of mine helped him to get his record sealed.

He is definitely a crook and a huge liar.I wouldn't trust this guy and certainly not be buying a car from him.

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